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Initiate Change: Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Innovative.

With the change of administration that happened this past year, it is no surprise that many American policies have seen some form of change. The health care landscape has been no exception, and it seems that no matter where you look someone is pointing the blame at someone else. We, at GWU GlobeMed, believe that while there is no perfect solution, we should always be getting involved in the discussion to find improved ways for people to receive care, in any political climate.

As George Washington University students, we are surrounded by the very politicians, policy makers, lobbyists, members of nonprofit organizations, and activists that initiate and carry out change in the healthcare industry- the change that impacts millions of lives.

To get students from different universities involved in the discussion, GlobeMed at GWU is hosting a conference from April 13th through April 15th, 2018. The purpose of this conference is to Initiate Change as we hope to inspire interested students to:

Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Innovative.

Please visit the Capitol Hilltop website and purchase tickets here.

Also visit our Blog page to gain a insider's view on the Conference!


GlobeMed at GWU partners with Set Her Free, a non-profit organization located in Kampala, Uganda. Set Her Free provides girls and women with the education, vocational training and rehabilitative services necessary to lead self-determined lives. The program not only provides a temporary residence, but also offers formal education, technical training, counseling, medical care, mentoring, and resettlement opportunities; services geared toward giving young women the necessary tools for a healthy, stable, and independent future. 

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Learn about our very own Niyati Shah's experience in India and how her perception changed throughout the course of her trip

Created: 1/30/2018

GW GROW Interns attended the GROW Institute at Northwestern University in Chicago to prepare for their internship in Kampala, Uganda

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